When I started telling people that I was developing a skincare line, I was surprised at how often I was asked the question: “What makes your products different from the thousands already out there?”  

At first, I was taken aback, a little annoyed that these people did not just stand up and applaud, saying “the world has been waiting for this, brava, Nancy, brava!” All kidding aside, after answering the question several times in diverse ways, my thoughts evolved to the following:


The difference is who we are and what got us here

The difference is our vision and values

The difference is our yin / yang = Nancy / Courtney

The difference is our professional experience and expertise

The difference is our grit, guts and gumption

The difference is our drive and determination  

The difference is our family and friends who never doubted us for one second

The difference is our world-renowned chemist and his incredible team of skincare magicians

The difference is our incredibly smart, talented and loving team

The difference is we are powerful, philanthropic, passionate and pink

The difference is we are open-hearted, open-minded, optimistic and orange  

The difference is our ingredients, formulation and effectiveness

The difference is our THOUGHTFULNESS


Thoughtfulness is the state of being absorbed in thought, careful consideration or attention and consideration for the needs of others. We were told by a skincare key opinion leader that our products were the most thoughtful he had seen in his 45+ years in the business. I will never forget his kind and incredibly impactful words. I am most appreciative of them; amongst all the wonderful things I am grateful for as a Co-Founder of THE ROUTE. In our short two years as a brand, we have received awards, media attention, incredible reviews and loyalty beyond my wildest dreams but the thing that stands out the most is the description of THE ROUTE as the most thoughtful brand. I love that distinction and aspire to always be that!

It is true, we have been thoughtful in every aspect of the ideation, creation and execution of THE ROUTE. In fact, it never occurred to us to be any other way. It’s how Courtney and I work and who we are as people. On you will find our brand mission that declares



GUIDES who will help you achieve your best skin ever

CAREGIVERS who want to take care of you and help nourish your inner and outer beauty

GENEROUS in that we use the best, award winning ingredients at the most efficacious levels

POWERFUL because our highly active, medical grade, professional formulas deliver real results

GENTLE with soothing and kind products to all skin types

COMPREHENSIVE tackling all the causes of aging

INGENIOUS using the body’s own 24-hour skin rhythm to do it

HAPPY because our products spark a sense of joy upon application

GIRLFRIENDS who want to be your skincare BFF

This mission stands true today and a little over two years since launch I also declare



So, the moral of the story is to be mindful of what you say to me. I listen and I take it all in! I will have an immediate response and then later when I have time to think it through, I will have my thoughtful response. I am grateful for how far we have come; I am thrilled our mission is alive and well in our products and actions, I am honored you are with us on THE ROUTE to happy, healthy beautiful skin, brought to you in the most thoughtful way possible.

Love you to the moon,



Nurse Nancy 

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