Sometimes you have to shine a spotlight on a quiet hero. There’s something to be said for the hard worker, just doing her job without fanfare or any expectation of recognition; actually allowing others to take the limelight.

I’m talking about THE NIGHT NIGHT EYES® nighttime eye cream!

Our multitasking nighttime eye cream featuring the holy grail of all skin care ingredients: our Next Generation Retinoid.



All skincare experts, including yours truly, say retinoids are the number one way to make your skin act young again! Skin cells transition from its deepest layers and travels through the middle to the most upper layers where they die and flake off. This is a continual and constant process that start out very efficiently and quickly when we are young and becomes more haphazard and slower moving as we accumulate birthdays. Retinoids speed up this process, teaching your skin to act young again by increasing skin cell turnover. With regular use of a retinoid, this process is efficient and timely, shedding those dead dull skin cells which will reveal more smooth and radiant skin.

The skin around the eyes is 10x thinner than the skin of the rest of the face and yet most eye creams don’t contain the very ingredient that helps this skin the most. Why? Traditional retinoids have a bad rap. For good reason in my opinion. Prescriptions for retinoids are written with the expectation of side effects. Peeling, redness, irritation and inflammation are common, especially with prescription retinoids, but are also a common occurrence with over-the-counter retinol. Different strengths are available for both, but my personal experience is that there are a lot of people who can’t tolerate either: traditional retinol or the prescription form.

The point is Retinoids, both Rx and OTC, work very well to help improve aging skin! Both are Vitamin A derivatives, and both have significant side effect profiles. No wonder this magic ingredient isn’t found in products for the skin around the eyes, but it’s the area we need the most help!!

Enter our special retinoid, in a category of its own, and the reason it earned the nickname “the next generation retinoid.”

It is a Transretinoic acid ester. This ester is a derivative of the prescription retinoid Transretinoic acid which means it has been altered and made to be a different version that is much gentler and better tolerated. That’s why we put it in THE GOLDEN RULE® gentle retinol serum and THE NIGHT NIGHT EYES®!

Our skin at night goes into repair mode and retinoids do that best. THE NIGHT NIGHT EYES® is not just a retinoid eye cream but it also has repair peptides, botanical extracts and heavy duty overnight moisture!

THE SUNNY EYES® daytime eye cream has gotten so much love and attention with its SHAPE award and media buzz. But no one knows that THE NIGHT NIGHT EYES® has a cult following much like THE GOLDEN RULE®!! And the reason is clear. It’s a retinoid that is gentle with NO side effects in most users and the bottom line is - It Works!!!

No one puts THE NIGHT NIGHT EYES® in a corner. She’s our quiet hero dutifully doing her job in the shadow of her glitzier counterpart but she’s getting the much-deserved attention now from me.

If you haven’t tried THE NIGHT NIGHT EYES® yet, then please do so. Your under-eye skin deserves to be treated with the best.

Use nightly with your ring finger for a gentle fought. Apply to the under-eye skin, up to the brow bone and on your lips’ Cupid’s bow. Remember to get plenty of beauty sleep and never forget my favorite quote by Audrey Hepburn “for beautiful eyes- always see the good in others!”



Nurse Nancy

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