Every New Year brings an onslaught of chaos to our lives.  We are bombarded with everyone asking about our resolutions, commercials offering solutions for weight loss, recommendations for meditation practices, home repair needs, you name it - they want you to do it. If we listen to the noise all around us, it is a bit overwhelming - don’t you think? Well, I do. I stopped making New Year’s Resolutions years ago. Do not get me wrong; I am an ambitious gal, but lofty resolutions do not work for me. They do not consider the process or the journey. They seem so cold and unattainable. I like to keep it simple. I make a fun project out of it and create a vision board. Now you can get all fancy about it like I have done in the past or you can do a simple version. It is up to you. The part I want to make simple for myself is how you go about creating the reality of what you want to accomplish. Create and consistently do small simple habits that will add up to achieve your goal.  


In my practice every year, January is a big skincare month because “take better care of my skin” is on a lot of people’s new year's resolutions list. Improvement of skin texture, skin discoloration, skin wrinkles or laxity are all on the list!  All great goals and highly achievable but don’t try and tackle them all at once. Skin treatments are always recommended to be done in a series of treatments and consistent topical productions should be done over time. Over the years, I have preached to use the KISS (Keep it Simple Sally) philosophy. When we try to do too much all at once or expect change to happen magically overnight, we set ourselves up for failure.


I followed the KISS philosophy when designing THE ROUTE. After two decades in the business, I was personally getting annoyed with the trend of increasingly number of steps in a “routine” skincare.  At some point a few years back, the number of steps certain skincare influencers and companies wanted us to adopt topped 12! That is insanity! And I was part of the problem, offering multiple skincare lines where I cherry picked individual products for each patient. Most of the time, I wanted/needed to simplify the routine because people either wanted just a few steps or had limited budget. Best bang for the buck became my motto. 


There are several problems with excessive steps in a skincare routine. The typical modern woman has little time for a 12-step skincare routine twice a day and for most women, a few steps is only doable. I have heard from more than I can count the request for one product a day. Not even one product twice a day. One product period! So, when I went about designing THE ROUTE, I had thousands of patient interactions in my head. Years of counseling and recommending skincare, hundreds of times going through the cosmetic bags of patients to figure out what to keep and what to toss. It was a good schooling, it was real life, with real women wanting skincare that is efficient and effective. That is exactly what I want too.  


Products that focus on ONE ingredient so that you must apply several (one after another, after another) is inefficient because it is time consuming and expensive, but also ineffective because after the second or third layer, skin penetration and ingredient absorption can become an issue.  


No ONE ingredient is going to win the war of wrinkles.  No ONE ingredient can provide all the skin needs.  No ONE ingredient can do it all just like no ONE food group provides all the nutrients our body needs. Think about multi-vitamins - all needed for the body, but would you take them individually? I do not think so. That is what they are asking you to do with an extreme multi-step regime. Apply a layer of Vitamin C, apply a layer of hyaluronic acid etc. but what about other antioxidants and what about ceramides, peptides etc. etc., the list goes on and on. It is not a comprehensive approach, it’s not smart and it’s not thorough. 


So, I had to do it.  I had to create a line that could do it all. 

THE ROUTE is comprehensive. THE ROUTE is smart. And THE ROUTE is thorough. 

And I had to KISS’: Keep It Simple Sally. 


Comprehensive - Because we formulated products with all the causes of skin aging and all the manifestations of skin aging in mind 

Smart - Because we chose award winning ingredients with clinically proven results and proof of efficacy 

Thorough - Because we thought of everything from our unique formulations created with me by the most renowned chemist I dare say in the world, we chose airless containers to protect these precious active ingredients because in my mind, why have antioxidants in your products if you do not protect them from oxidation?  


I know it does not sound simple, but it is. We present you EVERYTHING comprehensive, smart, and thorough in all 5 essential products. 



Day Active Moisturizer: THE EVERYTHING DAY

Daily sunscreen: THE SHAKE & SHIELD






The skin is a complex organ, the largest we have.  It is subject to internal and external damage and aging.The goal of skincare is to produce and keep soft, and smooth, blemish free skin. There are many ways to accomplish this and require a comprehensive smart and thorough approach.  None are as simple as THE ROUTE. So do yourself a favor and Keep It Simple Sally, buy THE ROUTE. 


Nurse Nancy


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