FORTUNE: 13 essentials to pack for your summer travels

13 essentials to pack for your summer travels

After two years of lockdowns, travel restrictions, pre-departure COVID tests, rollbacks on those restrictions, new variants, repeat, people are tired.

Or at the very least, they're tired of staying in the same place. Travel did see some rebounds in 2021 after the vaccines initially rolled out, but Delta and Omicron ruined a lot of plans once again.It remains to be seen how 2022 will play out, but many forecasts predict more people are going to travel this year, regardless. 


The Route 'Shake and Shield' sunscreen

Whether you're going skiing or surfing, to the mountains in the beach, even if you plan to spend most of the day in the shade, you must always—ALWAYS—pack sunscreen. After your passport and face mask, sunscreen should be the first thing you prioritize when packing. Not only can it save your life in the long term but it will save you a lot of pain (physically and emotionally) in the short term. No one wants to ruin a trip with a bad (and preventable) sunburn.

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