BUSTLE: 10 Refreshing Face Masks That Are Like A/C For Your Skin

The dog days of summer are here, and everything is unbelievably not, humid, and sticky. The resulting sweaty environment - while great for a day at the beach - can create a host of issues for the most even-keeled complexions. The good news is that regardless of what your skin needs throughout the day, the perfect solution exists in the form of a refreshing face mist.

If a facial mist isn’t a staple in your beauty routine, know that there’s more to these elixirs than meets the eye. You can find a spritz-on formula that not only cools you off in the sweltering heat, but that delivers a dose of hydration, helps quash bacteria growth associated with breakouts (which excessive perspiring can fester), soothe redness or irritation, keep your makeup in place, and so much more.

Below, an array of refreshing face mists that can solve complexion woes in a flash, all without disturbing the six-step skin care routine or face of makeup you’ve already committed to. Consider these picks your portable booster shots that keep your skin cool, clear, and hydrated — all via a feel-so-good spray.

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Hyaluronic acid is a moisturizing MVP that plays a starring role in this hydrating mist. You can work this elixir — which is also packed with antioxidants, minerals, and cooling cucumber water — into any part of your routine. Use it before applying your skin care products to aid with ingredient absorption, throughout the day for added moisture, or before bed for a final dose of vitamins and nutrients.

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