YAHOO LIFE: These Skin-Plumping Products Are The Ultimate Self-Care Treatment

Despite our wildest hopes and dreams, there’s simply no such thing as filler in a bottle—I mean, if there was such a thing, we’d all be using it, right? There are, however, plenty of skincare products that work LIKE filler to defy gravity and restore volume when you’re feeling a bit…sunken.
Dermal fillers and injectables are obviously the only sure-fire in-office treatments that give you instant results, but these alternative skincare treatments and beauty tools will give you a similar effect with continuous use (consistency is key). For me, skincare is self-care and frankly, an act of self-love, so why not take to at-home treatments to keep your skin looking bouncy and supple and your confidence at its peak?

To get the low down on the best OTC skincare products for plump and supple skin, we went straight to the experts to get their suggestions. After all, as someone who performs dermal fillers, Botox and lip injections on the daily, who better to ask for the next best thing to going under the needle? “I swear by consistent microcurrent treatments. This is going to retrain your facial muscles to go back to where they once were when you were younger. For example, brows will be lifted, cheeks will regain shape and life, and frown lines will be lessened. It’s truly the best alternative to fillers! Nuface has a great at-home option you can use in between treatments,” advises Rachel Liverman, CEO and Co-Founder of Glowbar. 

Generally speaking, these plumping skincare products work by causing the skin to temporarily swell up, and therefore fill in lines and texture. It’s kind of the similar effect you experience when you apply a plumping lip gloss—but without the tingle. Aside from beauty tools and facial massagers, moisture-retaining hyaluronic acid and elastin-boosting collagen are your next best bets.
“As we age, we lose our hyaluronic acid and collagen that keep our skin looking youthful,” says , RN, MN, NP, owner and operator of NP Aesthetics Inc, and co-founder of THE ROUTE BEAUTY.

Hyaluronic acid is able to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, which allows the humectant to restore moisture levels in even the most parched skin, as well as promote firmness and soften the look of fine lines over time. While topical collagen can be controversial when it comes to its effectiveness, reaching for a product that contains both the naturally-occurring protein, as well as other , will help give “fill in” fine lines and restore fullness. Below, are some of our favorite skin-plumping products for a juicy, .

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The Girlfriend

The Route Girlfriend Skin-Loving Glow Primer

This multipurpose is my go-to for when my skin looks a little less stellar and a bit sunken in. It smooths out texture and fills in fines lines, leaving skin looking plumper, hydrated and even-toned. It’s also an excellent option for sensitive skin.


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