Our #1 best selling product is THE PARTY PEEL® at-home chemical peel, so we definitely have something to live up to! It’s named after my favorite chemical peel done in my office and a specialty product we have all come to rely on for pre-party (or special occasion) prep for glowing skin! CELEBRATION is in our DNA and who doesn’t love a great party?


I’m forever grateful that my co-founder, Courtney Baber, walked into my office many years ago which blossomed into a beautiful friendship and eventually our business partnership. And now I look back at the ONE INCREDIBLE YEAR we’ve been in business with THE ROUTE and am so grateful for all that we have accomplished! In one short year, we launched a website, launched ULTA in stores and online, we have been featured in countless magazine articles, we were in Oprah’s Favorite Things issue, we won Best Eye Cream for THE SUNNY EYES® daytime eye cream and we have cultivated a cult of skincare BFFs that are “obsessed” with THE ROUTE!



Throughout our inaugural year, we have worked our butts off but had a lot of fun doing it. We have been each other’s cheerleaders and assembled a small, but mighty, dream team that has as much passion for the brand as we do. And we’ve been mindful of building a culture that is centered around kindness and promoting happiness. We know that relationships and close family ties are the mainstay of a happy life and we plan to keep up this business philosophy that just makes sense to us.  


Thank you to everyone that has been part of our first year journey and look forward to the many more years to come. THE ROUTE has only just begun to bring MEDICAL GRADE, LUXURY SKINCARE to everyone, not just those who walk through the doors of my aesthetic practice. We are so appreciative that you have chosen to join Courtney and I on this journey to happy, healthy, beautiful skin. We think “skin is in” and we want to see it glow! It’s what we love and what we love to do.  


Cheers to our first year in business. Cheers to our beautiful team. Cheers to our families for putting up with us, our friends for their patience and the love we feel from our extended ROUTE family. To our first year in business - may our gold never lose it’s sparkle and our skin never lose it’s glow. May we travel down this path together with happy hearts and gather many others to join us along the way.




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