As a 50 something self-proclaimed beauty obsessed woman, I have had enormous exposure to skincare products spanning decades. Like a typical beauty consumer out to get the latest and greatest, I have slathered liters of skincare potions on my face and body! For 20 years as a professional Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner, I have evaluated, recommended and sold many skincare lines through my practice. For my patients (and myself), I have always chosen medical grade skincare - skincare products sold exclusively through medical offices staffed by Nurses and Doctors. I believe that medical grade products are the type a healthcare professional would consider honest and effective, which go beyond those found in your typical retail setting. I rely on the idea that these products are backed by science and that the companies that make them have taken the extra time, and paid the expense, to clinically validate their products with formal studies. We are not talking about studies that are only based on consumer reports. Instead, I’m talking about clinical trials that prove the safety and efficacy of the final formula of the product. Believe it or not, this is not always done for skincare lines in the medical channel and is less likely to be done for those sold in retail.  

Seems incredible doesn’t it? 

When Courtney and I set out to create our own skincare line, there were so many things we wanted to accomplish. First and foremost, we wanted to make the best-of-the-best skincare product line that was on par and exceeded the principles, quality and efficacy of brands I carry in my office.  This meant that we find a formulation/cosmetic chemist who had the experience, knowledge and wisdom in making this type of product. Not only did we find this person but we found The Godfather of Cosmetic Chemistry himself! (not my words but the words of my UCLA professor). We would only use ingredients that were clinically tested on human subjects and only use those same ingredients at the clinically effective dose. In other words, we don’t “sprinkle” in the ingredients so we can make the claim. We use the full percentage that was studied. No skimping. Frankly, it never entered our minds not to formulate in this honest and truthful way. In keeping with our desire to bring a luxurious medical grade product line, we partnered with my Medical Director, Steve Yoelin, MD, a renowned FDA Clinical Trial investigator, to conduct our clinical studies to evaluate the safety and efficacy of our final formulas.

We wanted to make the most incredible products for ourselves, we wanted to share it with my patients and we wanted to make medical grade quality more widely available to everyone. We realized that a small minority of people buy their skincare directly in a medical office and we set out to make this type of skincare available through accessible means directly through our website and at select retail partners. 

with love and happiness,
Nurse Nancy

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I have been using this product for a little over two weeks. I was out with a girlfriend the other night when she asked what I was doing with my skin. I shared with her that I hard started this new skincare line. She told me, “Oh my god, your skin looks amazing!” I didn’t realize that The Route Skincare was already making a difference.

Sandy Lane October 18, 2019

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