🎶 Oh, the weather (or virus) outside is frightful
But we want our skin delightful
And since we’ve no place to go
Let us glow, let us glow, let us glow!! 🎶 


I know the holidays are very different this year! We’re skipping the big in-person parties and instead opting for masked, socially distanced, outside gatherings or Zoom get-togethers. But even so, I do know we still want to look and feel our holiday best! Let’s count our blessings, cherish our health and talk a little skincare!

Glowing, party-ready skin is about twinkly lights bouncing off your face, the canvas of the makeup artist in you! You want to have gorgeous highlights in all the right places, not just slap on some oils or highlighters that can make your face a shiny mess.


What makes our skin glow? How do we describe it and how can we get it?

Glowing skin starts with healthy skin.

It has an intact, strong, healthy barrier with its natural lipid layer and intact microbiome.

Beautiful skin has a smooth, uninterrupted surface and a soft, even texture.

It has a consistent skin tone (even color) and minimal visible pores.


Perfectly poreless, smooth, even skin that radiates highlights (and casts shadows in all the right places) doesn’t happen overnight. So, a long term play is always best - this includes a medical grade skincare regime and, if you’re so inclined, the occasional aesthetics treatment. But, what can you do tonight to get your glow on??


The most popular in-office treatment I perform for patients who wanted to look their best before a big party, reunion, wedding or funeral (yes, people come in pre-funerals) is a peel that I’ve always referred to as The Party Peel! Regardless of the event, most patients can’t afford the downtime with a more extensive peel (redness, minor swelling and visible peeling). Plus, makeup looks horrendous on dry, peeling skin! Makeup needs to sit on smooth, textured skin that’s plump with moisture.

In creating THE ROUTE® , we knew we needed to find a way to deliver these amazing, quick results at home. And so THE PARTY PEEL® at-home chemical peel was born! It was designed by yours truly and formulated with a world renowned cosmetic chemist so that everyone can have a gentle chemical peel done in the comfort and privacy of your own bathroom!! It’s a combination of four acids that gently micro exfoliate the skin revealing a fresher, smoother appearance instantly. Afterwards, the skin is more receptive to absorbing active ingredients and, specifically for a party, it looks and feels more hydrated and moisturized.

We also created THE GIRLFRIEND™ makeup primer as the skincare BFF you always wanted. Post-peel she is comforting, soothing and calming and she also locks in illuminating moisture. THE GIRLFRIEND™ also just happens to be a wonderful makeup primer that tons of celebrity makeup artists are obsessed with.


Perfect, party-ready skin can be achieved in 15 minutes.

Wash your face with a gentle cleanser.

Pat dry.

Apply THE PARTY PEEL® generously on your face, neck, décolleté, hands and earlobes (yes earlobes)!

The oxygen delivery system will make the peel foam up. Once it does, rub it in. It may do this 1, 2 or possibly 3 times.

Once it’s done bubbling you can leave it on for 15 minutes or more. (No need to worry, THE PARTY PEEL® self neutralizes so you’re safe!)

Splash it off with water or a washcloth.

Apply your moisturizer, hopefully it’s THE EVERYTHING DAY® daytime moisturizer or THE EVERYTHING NIGHT® nighttime moisturizer (depending on the time of day you are partying)!

Then, top it off with THE GIRLFRIEND™ to lock in fresh exfoliated and moist skin that is primed for your party makeup!!


There you have it - exfoliate and moisturize in just a few easy steps.

It’s really very easy to do. It’s safe and gentle but does the trick. Gentle exfoliation with no down time you can do at home!! Remember, THE PARTY PEEL® can be done once or twice a week indefinitely so that you ALWAYS have party-ready skin for life!!

CHEERS to 2021!!! We are looking forward to a new year and a fresh start !!


xox Nurse Nancy


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