Watch Nurse Nancy address all your questions about chemical peels! From the types of professional peels that are offered in the aesthetic practice to how she was inspired to create THE PARTY PEEL™, the ultimate at-home peel that helps you reveal your most radiant complexion without an appointment!

A lot of things I do on my office can seem really scary. I use needles, I poke, I prod. But when I talk about chemical peels, people start hightailing out the door. And I'm here to tell you that you can do it. 

I'm Nancy Pellegrino. I'm a mom, a wife, a nurse practitioner and the owner of NP Aesthetics here in Newport Beach, California. 

Chemical peels are a way to exfoliate your skin. There are three depths of acids: superficial, medium depth and deep. And in my office, I use a lot of superficial peels because my patients don't have the downtime. 

Studies show that if you do a superficial peel on a regular basis, it will improve the tone, texture and quality of your skin. And that's why we developed The Party Peel. I did one today in preparation for doing this video. 

We formulated The Party Peel at the perfect P.H. for home use. So you don't have to come see me in the office. 

I think the reason why the beauty team at Oprah loved The Party Peel is because of the oxygen delivery system. It allows a proprietary blend of four gentle acids to penetrate the skin and make a very smooth cocktail that allows your skin to exfoliate on its own very gently. 

So it's a serious peel, a serious, superficial peel, but it's also super fun. 

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