Attention! Attention! I would like to make a toast....

First, I would like to thank you all for coming to my blog, it is an incredibly special day because we have launched a brand-new product in THE ROUTE’S skincare lineup! This addition stays true to our commitment to bring individual products that are complete in and of themselves, that address all the ways our skin ages and uses only clinically tested, best in class ingredients. They must also address a need, be innovative/unique and of course, be fun to use. We have created a product that we cannot get enough of. You can use it morning, noon and night. As a midday skin refreshment or a mid-flight skin snack! As a skin prep for better absorption of your essential products, a coolant for nighttime hormonal shifts or hot beach day relief. In whatever manner you use it, the possibilities are endless. What is this multi-talented, multi-use superstar? It is a product that has a playful name with serious skin benefits. Let us raise our glasses and toast the newest member of THE ROUTE family of skin care! 

Cheers! to


(Energizing Hydration Tonic)



THE DAY DRINK™ facial spray delivers skincare in a mist. A sprayable burst of skin hydration, antioxidant protection and skin energizing minerals delivered in soothing, ever cool, allergen free, cucumber water. The two truths EVERY skincare guru will tell you is that if your skin is not hydrated within or moisturized on the outside, it will look at best dehydrated or worst....OLD! The second thing we say is that free radical, oxidative damage and stress is the #1 cause and accounts for 90% of external/exogenous skin aging. Let me state this another way: If your skin is not hydrated or looking moist, it cannot look its best, and if you do not have antioxidants to fight the effects of UV damage, pollution, environmental assaults, you are not addressing the main way our skin ages. THE DAY DRINK addresses both concerns (and more of course!) and it allows you to deliver it to your skin in 700 sprays per bottle (for those of you counting)! That is a lot of opportunity to boost your skin moisture and antioxidant levels anytime of day and night, anywhere you may be.  

You’ve all heard this before- the skin is the largest organ of our body. Our hearts keep the blood pumping, our lungs allow us to breathe, our brains let us think, learn, and do things, and our skin acts as a protective shield between the external world and our internal body. It has essential functions such as detecting sensations like heat, cold pressure and pain, it helps supply a barrier against dangerous substances from entering the body, protects us from injury or trauma and helps regulate and support the right internal temperature. It is well known that the skin reflects our individual health and wellness. If your heart is acting up your skin may be mottled or clammy, if you are not breathing well your skin may look pale or blue, if your liver is sick, you may look yellow, if your kidneys fail your skin may look gray and chalky and if you are dehydrated your skin may appear dry and wrinkled. It is up to us to care for ourselves on the inside by eating right, drinking plenty of water, exercising blah blah blah - but it is also up to us to care for our skin in the best way we can. It is a remarkable self-regenerating organ that does an excellent job on its own, but over time it gets depleted of its moisture, natural defenses and mechanisms of renewal and repair and it needs our intervention.  

We have timed our ingredients to work with the skin’s own circadian, or daily, clock and we know that about midday the skin has a natural dip in moisture around 3 pm. We also know about transepidermal water loss (TEWL) that happens to some degree all day long but reaches its peak at night, approximately 2 am. Free radical aggressors surround us both inside and outside our homes. The sun, pollution, allergens, tech devices and other environmental aggressors attack our skin daily and some even stick to our skin until the evening when we wash it off. So, it makes sense for us to give our skin a fighting by giving ourselves a boost of ingredients that counteract and mitigate these effects at any time throughout the day. 

My ideal afternoon is simple. Give me something pleasant to look at, a comfortable chair, some company (or not), a refreshing drink and time to enjoy it and I am happy. My fast paced, demanding life often robs me of meals, bathroom breaks and moments for mindfulness. Although it is a daily struggle to do my day right and I try every day to be better, there is one thing that I love when I do get a fun moment for myself: A DAY DRINK. For me, it is one of life’s greatest luxuries. It says, I have time to enjoy an adult beverage, I do not have to be beholden to anyone or be anywhere else at this very moment. It is total luxury for me because that usually only happens on vacation, right? So, for that moment, you are on a micro mini staycation that is special, just for you and needed. It provides me a little boost of happiness that sometimes also involves a pretty little umbrella! That is what THE DAY DRINK is to me. A little luxurious anytime gift to my skin. A spritz of good-for-my-skin ingredients that I can partake in whenever I darn well please! I know it is not fair, but I have had lab samples for a long time and it quite frankly has become my new favorite product because it is so easy. Here is how I have been using it: I usually pump about 3 sprays to my face neck and décolleté’ after cleansing my skin and before THE EVERYTHING DAY (in the morning) or THE GOLDEN RULE (at night). I spritz 1-2 times after I apply my makeup to set it. I spritz throughout the day so I can breathe in the cucumber aroma and do a deep box breath to reset my brain and body or to reduce stress. Here is a little personal info, I will spritz my face or arms and legs when I am hot at night or when I am too lazy to do body lotion. I love a good skincare spray and we designed this to stand out from the special water-only crowd. THE DAY DRINK is packed with incredible ingredients your skin will LOVE! 


CHEERS! to Cucumber Essential Water  

SALUTE! to the incredibly moisturizing hydrating- Hyaluronic Acid 

PROST! to the Queen of antioxidants - Vitamin C 

SKAL! to skin energizing - zinc, magnesium & copper 

SALUD! To moisturizing - silver mushroom extract 

A’Kale’ma’luna! to super antioxidant - grape leaf extract 

PROOSH! To calming, soothing, rebalancing - Beta Glucan 

GEONBAE! To barrier recovering/strengthening - rhubarb root extract 

GAN BEI! to moisture attracting humectants 


CHEERS! to THE DAY DRINK, and within it, the incredible ingredients and power to transform brief seconds of our day into luxurious meaningful moments!  



Nurse Nancy

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