STYLECASTER: If I Close My Eyes, These Products Almost Feel Like a Chemical Peel

Right now, touching one’s face is the equivalent of placing your hand on a hot stove: do it and you could potentially get hurt. Thankfully, as long as you’re a diligent hand-washer, maintaining some semblance of a skincare routine at home is still allowed, including the things you’d typically leave to a professional. And while I’m certainly counting my blessings and thankful for the simple things, I’m not going to lie—a facial would be a nice distraction from the chaos. In the meantime, the best at-home chemical peel products come in a close second. So much so, that I may never go back.

Exfoliation and those all-too-familiar tingles let me know that I’m not going crazy with cabin fever. They also work wonders for my complexion. With careful use once or twice a week, any of these formulas will brighten, tighten and smooth the skin so when you do step out, it truly feels like a fresh start. Ahead, some of the best-reviewed options for a modest budget and a random splurge.

The Route The Party Peel

What sets this illuminizing peel a part from other exfoliating products is a patented oxygen delivery system that causes the formula to bubble and start exfoliating the skin instead of causing painful peeling.

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