SCARY MOMMY: I Should Know This: How Can I *Actually* Cover Dark Circles?

Lifestyle Hacks To Reduce Dark Circles

Your routine to cover dark under-eye circles begins before you enter your bathroom. For starters, tweaking your sleep habits can actually help reduce the appearance of dark circles. Terri Bryant, celebrity makeup artist and founder of Guide Beauty says, “Making some adjustments in how we sleep can go a long way to de-puffing and slightly elevating your head with an additional pillow can help keep those fluids from collecting around the eyes overnight.”

And, if you can manage to get moving first thing in the morning, you can help get rid of excess fluid. Bryant explains, “Exercise helps fast track de-puffing as the more you move, the more you promote circulation throughout the entire body.”


Under-Eye Concealer Application Tips

To best cover dark circles, Bryant addresses the shadow effect with a color correcting technique. “There's also an optical effect that causes dark circles under the eyes. Over time, the area under our eyes and above our cheeks loses volume causing a hollowing (or pocket) that creates shadows which then appear as dark circles,” she explains. “Before adding more coverage, try a sheer peach or salmon color-correcting shade from Temptu to first counter and lift the appearance of that darkness. You can then go back in sparingly if needed with your foundation or concealer to perfect the canvas.”

We also love The Route Beauty’s Sunny Eyes, which is a hybrid eye cream for day and color corrector. It contains ceramides and hyaluronic acid, plus adds a correcting shimmer for coverage.


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